"Couple our experience and dedication to offering you more than our competitors and you will see how you are made to feel like you are our only customer."
























Founded in 2003, First Aid Force was created with the mission of preventing injuries and improving health and safety in the workplace, public and residential sectors.  We achieve this with our committment to providing the highest quality of training, equipment, supplies and consulting.

Dealing with an emergency can be overwhelming.  Our professionals consisting of career Emergency Service Workers will not only tailor the program to best suit your learning styles and needs, but they will offer training that is simplified, fun and interactive.

Whether you're a small or large organization seeking compliance, a new parent interested in learning how to deal with emergencies in the home or simply need to stock up on safety supplies, First Aid Force is your first aid headquarters. 

Through our variety of safety training programs, workshops and safety products, we endeavor to provide solutions for your First Aid, CPR, Safety & AED needs.



Customer Service

At First Aid Force we are BIG on service.  Your satisfaction is our main priority and we are committed to providing our customers with the highest level of training, supplies and support.  We understand every customer is different and we strive to listen to your needs and provide solutions that match them.

Positive Attitude

First Aid Force team members bring a positive attitude and high energy to our training sessions.  We also appreciate each opportunity of discussing your training needs and developing a plan of attack together.


When an emergency strikes and seconds matter you need to be ready.  Our team and approach will give you the tools and confidence you need to respond to any emergency.


We believe honesty and professionalism are the key ingredients in making successful working relationships.


Choosing a training and supplies provider can be difficult.  Although our pricing is more than competitive, it will most likely not be the deciding factor that brings you back.  Couple our experience and dedication to offering you more than our competition and you will see how you are made to feel like you are are our only customer.